Saturday, February 20, 2010

Search and rescue...

The day started with threatening clouds - ironically Mike and I were happy. We had been flying everyday for a good few days and secretly had been oping for rain. We did some theory with the group on board but within an hour the weather cleared and we went to the airfield for some flight training. I had John who is starting to get his landings sorted. By the end of the morning he was still landing with my help. But he has made progress. One needs to have a lot of patience with this sort of thing.

In the afternoon I took Mick and things went a lot better. For the first time he did a landing without my help. Infact, he did two. For the others I nudged a bit. But he is happy with his progress. While we where up Mike took Evelyn our chef, for some training and last we heard they were near Conception. For an hour there was no news from them. Then it was ten minutes before sunset and still n word - even after repeated calls from the control tower. Then the boys in the air volunteered their help. We had a Beach-craft 1900 near the south, a helicopter from Zill air in the north and Mick and I decided to head towards Beau Vallon bay. We knew that if they were still on the west coast the radio reception will be poor and the only way to know was to get in line of sight of that area. But we heard nothing. no response to any of our calls. Every one was getting worried and we could all feel some tension building. It was getting dark and how do you start a search and rescue at night?

Oh, I have to run! Will finish later! ;)

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