Monday, February 22, 2010


Wow. Time flies. Would you believe it is the 22nd? At least there is progress in the flying. Mick is landing o his own - now and then we have to put in some input but it is minimum. In smooth air he will manage real well. He is just about ready for his first solo - I am sure he does not feel the same though! ;-) John too has been making great progress. his feel for direction and pitch on climb out is spot on - it is just his landings that wander off every now and then. Nothing that more practice wont cure. Fred has been spending some time with Mike. His confidence is also increasing and even though he does not believe he is progressing we can see the difference.

The weather has been unusually fine. We have had no rain and the winds have been light to moderate north westerly all the time. The flying around the runway is very enjoyable with a mix of turbulence and smooth areas - great for giving the pilots exposure to a variety of conditions. But Mike and I are both tired. For this reason I am going to sign off and go to bed.


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