Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It rains.

23 Feb!

Finally it rains! Mike and I are relieved - it means i is a rest day. Ha! That is a mistake. Fly we might not have but rest we did not. It was lecture time and we set some brains on the boil stuffing them with lots and lots of new information - all about weather and navigation and other interesting bits of air law. It was 3 hours of the stuff in the morning. then lunch. Then another three hour session of navigation in the afternoon (which was more like 4 hours!). Every now and then I would walk out to check on the weather (there are these cool CCTV circuits on the big screen so we can see what the weather is doing) just to make sure that the CCTV monitors were not lying. There was a slow drizzle all day. But it did mean we got home earlier. No need for sunset flights with late pack ups. I actually hope for good weather so we can fly. The students need more experience before we leave - we only have 5 days left...

Will keep you posted!

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