Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Are we there already!?

“Are we there yet?” Parents know that question all too well. As a kid I remember the internal frustrations and angst stirred up with those words, not just in the anticipation of the end f the journey but sometimes in fear of the reprisal from your parents. Still, as a kid one could not help ask that question. Some of my fondest memories are of those long journeys to the ocean - the peering over the hills the closer you got in the hopes of being the first to see the sea. Oh the anticipation as a kid was almost too much to bear and asking “Are we there yet?” just the most natural thing in the world to do, regardless of the emotional consequences (or those that might end up on your backside! ;)

Full dinner table!

Coming and going emotions – if I can call them that – are part of life for everyone. “Oh I hate goodbyes...”, and whether you say it out loud or keep it to yourself, you are of course experiencing those come and go emotions. And though many hate and ovoid the “saying goodbye” moments, I have learned to embrace them. Embracing these emotions is akin of emotional maturity even if one does not quite understand them they do remind of life and living.

Our season is just about at an end. We have had our farewell dinner, said our goodbye’s and some have already gone their separate ways. We are all left with our memories, making of them whatever we want – good or bad, happy or sad.

The 2013 Interns!

One thing is certain, time brings change and “Are we there yet?” has changed to “Are we there already!?” and how subtle but mature that change and shift in life is!

Wish I could stay just a little bit longer…


The 2013 Team Leaders!

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